Matcha, caramel pear pie

Hi everyone !!

Today’s new recipe is quite original ahah 😉

I was given a pear and was thinking about make something with. The Japan pear here are completely different from different that I am used to in France. But both and any pears are suitable for this recipe !

Pears and matcha seemed to me an interesting combinaison, aslo I wanted something from my region I chose something very sweet and would go very well with the strong taste of matcha.

This is called caramel au beurre salé, you might know what caramel (just melted sugar). Caramel au beurre salé is caramel with heat cream, and salted butter. In bretagne people use essentially salted butter but not every region in France !

Finally I didn’t have almond powder so I switch it with peanuts powder which is nice because the flavor is stronger and in harmony with the other flavours !

As you can see on the picture below, the pie look like a yin yang !

I used a pie circle of 18 cm but you can also use a classic size.


Let’s go for the recipe->


Sugar dough:

75gr butter

50gr icing sugar

20gr peanuts

30gr eggs

1 pinch of salt

125gr of flour



60g salted butter

15cl liquid cream

120gr of sugar


Matcha chantilly:

45cl cream for chantilly

55gr icing sugar

1 tea spoon matcha (I used the premium matcha here)

1 table spoon of vanilla extract.


1 or 2 Pears

50gr white chocolate.


On a cooking sheet draw the outline of the pie tin, in the circle draw a yin yang and cut it.


First realise your sugar dough,

Grind your peanuts into a powder.

Mix your butter until smooth aspect. Then, add icing sugar, peanuts powder, salt and eggs.

Mix it all together until you get homogeneous texture. Finally add the flour and the black tea powder and fart it but not too much, just until you get the dought .

Spread your dought between two sheet cooking with rolling pin for about 5mm of thickness.

Put it on the fridge for 45min.


Now make your caramel,

If you don’t have some salted butter, add 1 tablespoon of salt in and cuti t into small cubes.

Put your sugar into a sauce pan and heat it in low/medium fire. Don’t touch until some sugar starts to dissolve. With a spatula mix little by little in this areas of sugar to disperse the melted sugar.

Be delicate and patient 😊

Beside heat your cream and keep it.

When all the sugar is dissolve wait a brown color while continuing to mix to avoid burning caramel!

Remove from fire and add a little of your cream and whisk well and fast until homogeneous mixture. Be carefull to the projections ! Then, add the rest of your cream while continuing to whisk.

Add your butter and mix it. Finally, put it back on fire and mix for about 1 to 2 minutes.

Wait a moment, pour your caramel into a jam pot and let it stand on the fridge.


Fill your pie tin with your sugar paste, prick it with a fourk and bake it at 170°C for 15min.



If you want to make the same decoration as me, melt the white chocolate and wait for it to cool down (about 30/35°C).

Spread it on aluminium sheet, covered it with another aluminium sheet and add something on it before freezing to avoid deformation.


Finally make your matcha chantilly

Add vanilla and matcha on your cream mix them together and put on the freezer with the whip of your mixer for 10/15min. (this will allows the cream to whip up more easily).

Start whipping your cream and when it starts to thicken add half of your icing sugar and the then the rest of your sugar. Be careful, not to over-beat!


Let’s assembling your pie now !


Put caramel into the bottom of the pie for about 7mm thickness and then with a pipping bag matcha cream to the edges of the pie.

Take your chocolate sheet from the freezer and set up the yin yang cooking sheet on it. With a sharp knife cut the yin yang shape in the chocolate. Be very delicate, I advice you to get a warm bowl water next to you and put your knife in to melt the chocolate and not cut it !


Put your chocolate yin yang on the pie or if it is not enough hard put it back on the freezer for a few minutes.

Cut your pears into slices and then cut the strips in half.

If you want to do the same decoration as me put some matcha cream into a pipping bag with the well tip and pouch it on the pie.
To make it easier, I recommend that you place the baking paper in the shape of a yin yang !

Remove the cooking sheet and instead of it place your real chocolate yin yang !

Finally place your slices pears on the middle of your pie, standing along the demarcation of yin and yan.


You finished !!

Yes there aren’t many pear slices in this pie decoration ! If you want more you can simply add more next to each slice !



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