Piece of cake: an easy guide to making matcha dessert

Innovative matcha recipes are a common fad in the current food scene. Borrowed from Japan and topped with a Western twist – it seems that the trend sometimes spotlights green food pizzazz instead of the rich, umami flavour that matcha brings to the plate. Since matcha green delicatessens are common in Japan for many years now, we decided to strip our recipe down to basics… So, meet the plain Jane of cakes, made with Obubu’s green powder tea. This mouth-watering moist green tea cake can be whisked up in no time just by following listed steps bellow. Easy, fast and delicious!



Matcha Rice Cooker Cake

You will need the following ingredients:

2 large eggs
1 (236ml) cup flour
2/3 (160ml) cup sugar
1/2 (120ml) cup butter
1/2 (2.5ml) teaspoon baking powder



Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl

Pour into greased rice cooker

Cook for 2 rice cycles (roughly 90 mins) or until done.


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