An Old Tea Box Revival

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

I think there are many people who are having troubles or are having a hard time due to the influence of the new coronavirus. I hope that these things will come to an end quickly. At times like this, everyone is amazed with the power of Japanese tea.

For more information on the antiviral effect of green tea catechin (EGCG), which is abundant in green tea, on the new coronavirus, please see this article.

屋外, 草, 岩, 羊 が含まれている画像 自動的に生成された説明

Regardless of the situation in the world like that, the season goes around as usual.

屋外, 草, 紅茶, 羊 が含まれている画像 自動的に生成された説明

In the tea plantation, the warbler’s chirping echoed, and the shoots gradually grew in time with the spring cheerfulness. Akky and the intern also harvest spring bancha every day!

屋外, 草, 木, 工場 が含まれている画像 自動的に生成された説明

And today, I would like to report on the tea box remake, which is one of the many Obubu winter projects (although it’s already spring …) that I would like to send you some bright news. I will!

木製, 屋外, 木材, ベンチ が含まれている画像 自動的に生成された説明

As we all know, at Obubu, the idea of warming up in the spring and summer with the many activities was put into practice during the winter when the farming work was calm and we had time for other projects. There are a number of so-called winter projects, plans to create a wonderland of Japanese tea.

In this year’s example,

Our New Warehouse!

Obubu Original Tote Bag!

Tea Club News! 

These are the winter projects.

And the tea box remake was one of them!

When we all organised the warehouse, many tea boxes emerged from the dark!

屋内, 天井, 部屋, 建物 が含まれている画像 自動的に生成された説明

Could this be used for something interesting? As a result, I tried to repurpose it into a postbox this time!

The Making

First, use sandpaper to clean the dirt and create a smooth surface to the box, and decide where to attach the hinge.

木製, テーブル, 座る, 木材 が含まれている画像 自動的に生成された説明

From there, apply varnish to the entire box, improving the weather resistance and giving it a beautiful colour!

木製, 容器, 木材, 座る が含まれている画像 自動的に生成された説明

Attach the hinges to one side.