Luxembourg Japanese Tea Event – 7th September, 2014

The smallest country on the Euro Tour this year is Luxembourg, but having friends there waiting for Japanese tea, we didn’t dare to pass and stopped there for a day. Our hosts Tanja and Horst had joined Obubu Guided Tea Tour a couple of months ago, during which time we mentioned about the upcoming Obubu Euro […]

Metz Japanese Tea Event – 6th September, 2014

After energetic tea-fueled jumping through the UK, we arrive to the next welcoming country, that is France. Metz being the home town of Lucilia Kobayashi, our host for several Obubu Euro Tour events, we were happy for a chance to visit it with tea. And it was not just any place that the event was […]

Leicester Japanese Tea Party – 5th September, 2014

However much we like the UK, we cannot stay here forever, but before we left there was another stop in Leicester, a very historical city. Invited by our friend Tom and Hiromi Furniss to hold a shared event as the opening of their new Japanese shop, we could not refuse, and it proved to be […]

University of Oxford Japanese Tea Events – 4th September, 2014

Oxford is one of those places that everyone in the world knows about. And thanks to our friend James Thirlwall, founder of Chayou, we were lucky enough to hold two tea events at the Oriel – one of the oldest colleges at the University of Oxford. Before the start of the events James met us for coffee […]

Leamington Spa Japanese Tea Event – 3rd September, 2014

Do you know Royal Leamington Spa? It a beautiful small town in the UK, that was used as a resort in Queen Victoria times. Invited by our friend Darren and Laura at Auradaze, we were lucky enough to visit it on our Euro Tour 2014. Darren and Laura, had visited us in Wazuka at the […]

London Japanese Tea Party – 2nd September, 2014

A year has passed and we are back to Europe! 20 hours of travelling between Japan and the UK, and we are ready to start a new tea journey. Like last year the first stop is London. Invited by our friends Creepy Design, we returned with a traditional and modern fusion as the tour opening. […]

Lyon Japanese Tea Seminar – 8th October, 2013

Two weeks in Europe went by without noticing. Many new places, many interesting people and here we are in Lyon – the capital of French food, for our last day. While food in Lyon is fantastic, our choice to have an event there was for a different reason – it is the city, where our […]

Paris Japanese Tea Party – 6th October, 2013

Obubu’s stay in Paris was long and exciting and we got to say goodbye to the capital city with a bang. The final event in Paris, was a tea party in collaboration with our friend pottery master from Kyoto Nanzan-san. In addition to making beautiful pottery, he is also a co-owner of the Giro Giro […]

Paris Japanese Tea Event – 4th October, 2013

With Obubu coming to France the Euro trip is on to its second half. All previous events in the UK, Hungary and Germany, were specifically focused on Obubu and Japanese green tea. In France we had many more collaborators to join us, with whom we shared the event space and time. Our first event in […]

Dusseldorf Japanese Tea Party – 3rd October, 2013

Another fun day in Dusseldorf with Japanese tea enthusiast and a lot of Obubu tea! Having stayed up late chatting with Daisuke and Lucilia, our friends organizing all the stay in Germany, we didn`t rush to get up early and spent some time with their lovely daughters. The second event in Dusseldorf was scheduled in […]

Dusseldorf Japanese Tea Party – 2nd October, 2013

After leaving Hungary we are off to Dusseldorf in Germany. Dusseldorf is famous for having a large Japanese population, no wonder we could see many Japanese restaurants all over the city. The city also host the Japan day in May-the biggest event of such kind in the country. Our tea events, though, are usually small and […]

Budapest Japanese Tea Event – 30th September, 2013

Obubu`s Euro Tour continues from the Western Europe all the way to the Eastern neighbor – Hungary. With our friend and Obubu’s tea club member Ambrus we took the first half of the day to look around Budapest and got really moved by stunning European architecture and prosperous times it marked. Matsu-san couldn’t stop taking […]

Preston Japanese Tea Tasting Event – 28th September, 2013

Our UK trip started in London. We also got to visit Sheffield before going all the way to Preston. The University of Central Lancashire was having an open day so they gladly asked us to join the department of languages and treat some Japanese green tea to potential students, parents and friends. The previous two […]

Sheffield Japanese Tea Seminar- 27th September, 2013

Another pair of happy London underground stairs and we are on the way to Sheffield. The true steel city, where rain never stops, or so we thought. Sheffield, though, greeted us with a bright sunshine and a bunch of Japan Society committee members ready to help in the tea seminar. Having misplaced a connector between […]

London Japanese Tea Party – 26th September, 2013

Obubu is finally in Europe! Year by year Matsu-san used to go to the US. This year we have the UK, Hungary, Germany and France in the plan with London as the first stop.  A trip across the world in 14 hours with luggage full of tea and tea ware and we got to London.  […]